Tips for Women on Flirting Through Body Language

Some people might think that all women know everything there is to know about flirting. After all, it’s true that women send out five times as much sexual information in the form of body language as men do. However, a woman may not be getting the responses she is hoping for. It could mean that she needs a fine tuning on her body language skills.

For example, when you enter a bar or a party, do you just plop down and expect men to automatically come to you? You need to give them a little incentive. One important factor is to emphasize the fact that you are female.

You can do this right away by arranging your purse and other feminine articles in front of you. You can do a little preening. Toss your hair, adjust your clothing, or use any other body language you can think of to get your point across. Of course, you should do all this in very casual way.

There are several other ways to flirt using your body language. One is to roll your hips as you walk. If done subtly, men will find this attractive. A purely feminine pose is to sit with your legs entwined. Men find this intriguing, mainly because most of them can’t do it.

Once you see a man you are interested in, focus in on him. Try to make eye contact. If it happens, then hold the gaze a little longer than is normal in other circumstances. Then, you should break the contact and look down.

This will appeal to the man’s primal instincts. He will feel that you are showing, by your body language, a kind of submission that allows him to approach. At this point, you should look back up to encourage him to come on. As he approaches, keep your eyes only on him. If they stray, he will feel unconfident or even rejected by your body language.

Most men are wracked with anxiety over their opening line. Much has been made of finding the right one. Books have been written on the subject. If this is awkward, try to use your body language to put him at ease. Smile and show interest by tilting your head. Get past this obligatory ritual and get on to the good stuff.

When you are speaking to him, watch for signs of attraction or of disinterest. If he sits at an angle to you, he is disinterested. It’s either time to try another tactic or to stop wasting energy on him.

On the other hand, he will use his body language to display his fascination with you. The more he likes you, the more his pupils will dilate. If he faces directly towards you and seems to follow your body language lead, it signifies attraction.

While you are talking to the man, you can continue your use of body language to flirt with him more. One way is to do suggestive movements. You can stroke something round, such as a drink glass. You can lick your lips. All these examples of body language occur best after the flirting has gone on for awhile.

If the flirting goes as far as a kiss, it will be up to you to show by your body language that you are ready for it. You simply need to relax your face and body. Move close to him and look into his eyes. If your kiss is a good one, you can use more body language to take it from there.