Some Common Body Language Signals

Everyone is constantly sending nonverbal information to the world through body language. It has been shown that even people blind from birth exhibit complex expressions of body language. Since it is so much a part of the human condition, it is important to know at least a little of this language.

Body language tells others how you feel. If you walk briskly and erect, you exude confidence. If you sit back with your hands behind your head and your legs crossed, it can mean confidence too. However, it can also mean that you feel superior or are arrogant.

Many different body language cues point to a lack of self confidence. If you are patting your hair or playing with it, you seem less self assured. Most people see nail-biting as a nervous behavior. Yet, it can also suggest a feeling of inferiority.

Body language can help a person to tell if you are interested or bored. If you are bored, you might sit with your legs crossed and you might kick one leg slightly. You could rest your head in your hands and look down. This body language would make you appear bored.

Your body language can show others if you are thinking. If you hold your hand to your cheek you might be evaluating a situation. If you pinch the bridge of your nose with your eyes closed you might feel a negative evaluation. Making a decision might come when you are stroking your chin. Indecision could be shown by your body language when you tug at an ear.

If you stand with your hands on your hips, your body language indicates that you are at the ready, and maybe even aggressive. If you steeple your fingers, you are showing the body language of authority. If you show an open palm, you are signaling sincerity and openness. Sit with your legs apart and you will also show that you are open and relaxed.

If you are lying, be aware that you will probably show it with your body language. You will most likely rub or touch your nose. You can hardly help it because lying causes blood to rush there. You will also tend to look up and to the right. This body language corresponds to thinking about the future, which you are doing as you think up your lie.

Doubt or disbelief can be shown through your body language as well. You might find yourself rubbing your eye as if you can’t believe what you’re seeing. You might also turn your head completely away, or even look down, as if you want no part of this tale.

Learning what you do in displaying body language can be very important to you. It can keep you from leaving a bad impression. It can help you to get a point across. Even more than that, it is wise to be aware of the same behaviors in other people. Their body language can alert you to problems before any words can ever come close.