Romantic Body Langauge

Everyone wants to be loved. The need to be loved is just as important as eating and having water. Beyond friendships and communities of family and structure, is the need to be romantically involved. In today’s society, romantic body language and relationships can happen between anybody, including those of the same gender. Because I can only identify with heterosexual relationships, I will elaborate on romantic body language between a man and a woman.

As a man, when a woman shows interest by looking at me for an extended period of time, I melt. I feel totally important and valued. I desire to be looked at and receive more romantic body language. Sometimes, a woman’s eyes become somewhat deep and so focused, that one cannot look away. The staring between the man and the woman becomes a trance between the two with a telepathic message that reads, “Take me, I’m yours.” On the other side of the token if a woman or man glance away from someone that is staring at them, it generally means they are not interested. It can also mean the person that looked away is shy, so the one that is interested should attempt to connect with the eyes again.

Romantic body language includes brushing, bumping or touching the other person in a safe zone, such as the arms, back, etc. A few years ago, a co-worker would often bump into me when she walked by. I got the impression that she did that many times subconsciously because she never looked back or apologized. I knew this was romantic body language because at times I would catch her staring at me from head to toe. This would stir me of course, but I had to restrain myself because I was married. I have observed when two people who have feelings for each other touch the other’s arm for an extended period, etc. Whether they are aware or not, these are romantic body language activities.

It is also said, that when the opposite sex points a body part at you or leans at you, this is romantic body language. In other words, if a woman is sitting across from me, and she constantly has her feet pointed at me, this indicates she is romantically attracted to me. I’ve personally noticed women lying down with their body pointing at me when we are at a park with other people. Interestingly, they have eventually expressed a desire to be with me.

I remember in my High School days walking with a girl on the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, NY. We were newly involved as close friends but things were heating up between us. She began leaning towards me quite a bit when we were walking. At one point, she was on my right side. When I looked over at my right she was gone. I quickly looked over to my left and noticed she had lost her balance and was moving quickly in the direction she was leaning. We both laughed. But from that moment on, we held hands.