Reading Up On Body Language

Knowledge about body language can be very important to people in all walks of life. You know some of it instinctively. Some of it is commonly talked about. Yet, if you really want to know the facts about body language, you might like to read some books by some experts in the field.

Barbara and Allan Pease have written more than once on the subject of body language. They have written a book entitled The Definitive Book of Body Language that is a bestseller internationally. It tells you all you need to know about the nonverbal communication of body language.

There are sections that give advice that will help you to survive in the workplace, and the body language you need to get there in the first place. Help is given to those who would like to know about the body language of meeting and dating. There is information you can use in whatever situation you find yourself in. It’s all based on study from the fields of biology, medicine, and psychology.

Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior-Anytime, Anyplace is a book by Jo-Ellen Demetrius and Mark C. Mazzarella. Demetrius has been a jury consultant on hundreds of trial, including many well-known ones. She knows more about body language than most people ever dreamed possible.

In the book, she tells how to size up a person by everything from small purchases they make to obsessive forms of speech. She also explains how to look for systems of body language rather than individual quirks. Her focus is on helping you to evaluate those around you.

In Body Language, Susan Quilliam gives some practical information on the subject. She illustrates different body language poses and explains what they might mean. She talks about topics from dating to getting a job. Getting better service is even discussed. This book is full of information you can put to use.

Yes, there is a complete idiot’s guide to the subject. It is, obviously, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Body Language. Peter Anderson, PhD, is the author. He is a professor at San Diego University and has studied the subject thoroughly.

He tells the usual things about body language, such as what kind of gestures indicate lying and which gestures are best for business situations. He also explains how body language is used in the marketing of products that are being sold.

Body Language on the Job, by Patrick W. Miller, is a book meant to not only teach people body language, but completely train them in its use. There are illustrations and suggestions for supervisors. There are review questions for the reader with answers to each one. This is a book for someone who wants to do more than read. This is a book for a student of body language.

There are many other books on body language. They include such diverse subjects as the body language of courtship and the body language of animals. No matter what type of body language you want to study, there is probably a book to help you do it.