Fun With Body Language

Are you ready for some good clean fun? Having fun with body language is something you can try at home with the family or at work with your co-workers. If you are a student at school you can probably have twice the fun with body language.

Gather some friends together and get ready for fun with body language!

First, invite a group of friends to play. At home, any age will do. At work, you may want to determine if this will be strictly limited by your department or open to everyone. At school, it might be better to include as many people as you can.

Second, share with the group your idea to have fun with body language. The goal is to add new elements and depth into communication. You might want to have ready several examples of what you envision taking place. This way, everyone immediately gets the idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Then, invite everyone else to brainstorm body language expressions and signs to use.

Some fun with body language examples could include how to greet each other, how to say good bye, how to ask for something, how to say “I need to talk with you.” Other expressions could include, excusing ones’ self to use the restroom, or signaling when you are hungry. There are tons of things that can be done to have fun with body language. It’s almost like developing your own secret codes.

Third, begin using the body language signs immediately. You will notice that a sub culture will quickly emerge from having fun with this body language activity. In a family, this spices up the days in the home but also gets people curious when you’re out in public. At school and work, friends and strangers will want to join in on the fun and actually begin using the body language signs in their own personal circles and possibly at home.

Beyond having fun with body language, is the benefit of being able to communicate when you don’t want to be heard. It also helps to have a way to communicate with those around you when you don’t feel like talking or maybe unable to – like when you’re using the phone. For example, if you’re on your cell phone with a friend at a shopping store, and they use body language to say they need to go to the restroom, you can give them an okay sign.

I think everyone should try to have fun with body language. Picture yourself at church and the sermon is going a little long. It’s neat to look over at a family member and express a body language that says, “I’m hungry.” This allows people to communicate in a fun way what they want to say without saying it and possibly interrupting something that is going on around them. If one was to just point their hands at their stomach to indicate hunger, the action could be misinterpreted to mean “I’m sick in the stomach.” That is why having designated fun with body language expressions is important.