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Affiliate Email Swipes

If you have an email list, the easiest and quickest way for you to start earning money from our Affiliate program is to send one of our tested and highly converting email swipes to your list. Feel free to use either of the below swipes to send and make any changes you wish to make the email fit with your list for a great response!

Email 1:

Subject: What’s Your Body Language Really Saying…

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Is a handshake really just a handshake… Or does it
mean so much more? See how body language can
make simple gestures mean so much more:


One of the biggest myths people believe in life is that
verbal communication is the most effective way of
communicating… But verbal communication really
only accounts for 10% of the overall means to convey
a message…


Speak Soon,


P.S – Not sure what your body language is saying…
Make sure you check this out:


Email 2:

Subject: How To Know How Someone Really Feels…

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Have you ever noticed when someone say’s they are
“Fine” but you have this but feeling that they are lying?

The reason you get that feeling is because their body
language is telling you something different to their mouth…

I’ve recently stumbled across this amazing guide that
teaches you the meaning behind body langugage…


Mastering body language has been simplified within this
guide so that ANYONE (including YOU) can do it,
make sure you check it out TODAY:


Speak Soon


P.S – Body language has long been the best way to know
how people really feel, peoples mouths can speak and lie
but the way their body moves and expresses itself can’t…


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